APSACS aims to provide students with holistic development through different progressive strategies. Every child is naturally creative and imaginative. It is therefore essential to provide the right conditions to flourish and prosper. Makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. At Garrison Academy Chitral Lines, we provide our kids with plenty of such purpose-built spaces including Jungle-Gym, Resource Room, Libraries, Art Room, well-equipped Science and Computer labs, playgrounds and multipurpose hall to ensure delightful engagement of students in fun-filled activities. There are several clubs and societies where students get the opportunity to learn life skills and showcase their talent. Have a look into our clubs:

  • Steam Club
  • Art Club
  • Music Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Debating Club
  • IT Club
  • Life Skills Club
  • DramaticsClub
  • STEAM is an educational approach of educating students in five pillars of education system — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. STEAM integrates these subjects into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

    STEAM Club is one of the most popular clubs created to fan the passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts and Mathematics in our budding scientist. At GACL, young scientists are offered comprehensive and meaningful learning resources for a rich experience in the sciences, crafts, engineering while providing fun and enjoyable activities for effective learning in order to build an advanced and technology driven society through raising our own inventors.

    In GACL, the Art Club allows pupils with a shared interest in art to gather and create art. Through the weekly sessions, the pupils explore different media such as paint, water colour, oil pastels and mixed media. These art projects provide platforms for pupils to enhance their creativity and self-expression, and to gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in art. Members also plan for, advertise for, and set-up student art shows throughout the school year. Our artists have won laurels in several national and international art competitions.

    Our Music Club is designed for school-aged children who learn an instrument at The Music Playground. Music Club offers a nurturing, non-competitive environment where children experience the joy of making music with other children, regardless of skill level. Younger children are motivated by following the older children, and the more experienced children get to feel a sense of leadership and pride at being able to demonstrate their skills. Our School choir has won laurels in the inter-school singing competitions and is famous for its melodious renditions.

    Our little green gnomes at gardening club have developed an amazing kitchen garden. Kids are taught how to grow vegetables, fruits and trees. Gardening club provides a great way for students to learn about gardening and gain hands-on experience of growing their own food, and tasting the fruits (and vegetables!) of their labor. Gardening activity doesn’t only teach kids how to grow plants, but they also learn to be patient and observe the role of Mother Nature.

    GACL is focused to build students’ confidence, analytical skills, critical thinking, listening skills and their ability to respond to what other people are saying, and teachers find that it has a knock-on effect on children’s written work, as it helps them understand how to structure their work and make their points clearly. Through debating, children can broaden their horizons and begin to explore big ethical questions. Teaching them to see things from a range of perspectives is a real life skill that will help them as they move on into secondary school and beyond.

    Our debating club helps pupils become persuasive speakers, critical listeners, analytical thinkers and engaged citizens. Our orators have won several speech competitions in inter-school speech competitions.

    We believe in equipping our young generation with 21st Century Skills. Tech Geeks at GACL are provided an opportunity to collaborate with their peers and engage in challenging activities to develop games, blogs, e-magazines and e-newspapers, digital Story and comic books as well as business cards and logos. Students are aware of handling databases and data collection techniques and are able to create e-reports.

    Life Skill Club is formed to provide life skills training to children, which will help them to become responsible and successful in life. As we believe in holistic development of children, students are not just trained in education but also groomed to become independent individuals of the society. Students are taught simple chores including cooking, baking, carpentry, first aid, gift wrapping and personal grooming.

    Drama club offers the opportunity for children of all abilities to try something new and exciting. It provides the chance for children who like performing on stage to increase their confidence and performing ability. Our drama club exposes students to the basics of theatre while they rehearse a fully-staged short plays, skits and mimes.

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